Aboriginal Access Program

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Kingsford Legal Centre’s (KLC) Aboriginal Access Program (AAP) aims to ensure that we provide strong, culturally appropriate services to the Aboriginal communities of the Botany and Randwick local government areas.

Click here to download our Aboriginal Access pamphlet for more information about our services.

Kingsford Legal Centre has established an Aboriginal Advisory Group that includes members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community who have a special interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice. The group provides guidance on the program’s direction.

Aboriginal Access Worker

Kingsford Legal Centre’s Aboriginal Access Worker strives to create and maintain productive, respectful, working partnerships with the local Aboriginal communities by providing avenues of legal support and access to local community groups and individuals.

This position is currently vacant - recruitment will occur shortly - watch this space

Some of the services provided by our Aboriginal Access Worker include:

Support person

  • Kingsford Legal Centre’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients can choose to have KLC’s Aboriginal Access Worker present and assist them to use our services.

Community legal education programs

  • Kingsford Legal Centre’s Aboriginal Access Worker designs and runs community workshops addressing specific legal issues and needs affecting the local community.

Law and policy reform

  • Kingsford Legal Centre’s Aboriginal Access Worker engages with law and policy reform in the area of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social justice.

Educational seminars for UNSW KLC students

  • As a part of KLC's clinical legal training university course, UNSW law students have a unique opportunity to connect and work with the local Aboriginal community. Students are encouraged to become particularly involved with the work of KLC’s AAP.

KLC Aboriginal Service Provision Manual

Kingsford Legal Centre’s three Aboriginal Access Workers, in consultation with KLC’s Aboriginal Advisory Group, developed KLC’s Aboriginal Service Provision Manual to help staff, students and volunteers of the Centre to build strong, culturally appropriate relationships with Aboriginal clients and communities.

Click here to download KLC's Aboriginal Service Provision Manual.