Volunteer Solicitors

At the moment we are only receiving applicationS for our Thursday Employment


and for our Thursday Family Law advice nights.



Kingsford Legal Centre's volunteer solicitors are one of our most valuable assets because the Centre could not conduct the advice sessions without the involvement of these dedicated and competent lawyers. 

Our volunteers attend an advice session at the Centre one Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night per fortnight.  Their role is to provide legal advice to clients and to work with UNSW law students at the Centre. Volunteer lawyers attend the advice sessions to assist and advise clients who would otherwise not have access to legal advice and representation. An important aspect of volunteering is to ensure that clients who attend the Centre receive the same quality of advice and assistance as clients who can afford to pay for legal services.

Kingsford Legal Centre encourages solicitors with a current NSW practicing certificate and at least 18 months experience to apply to volunteer at the centre. If you meet our criteria and are interested in joining our roster, click here to apply.



Volunteer Training

KLC develops a training program in relevant areas of law for our volunteers, in partnership with Inner City Legal Centre, Marrickville Legal Centre and Redfern Legal Centre.  This program is free for our volunteers and attracts MCLE points. 

The Rights of Pregnant Women in the Workplace - Webinar Recording

In 2016 KLC did a webinar training session on pregnancy discrimination in the workplace for community legal centre volunteers.  To view a recording of this session click here.  KLC also produced a comprehensive 'How To' guide to developing a WebEx Webinar.  Click here to view this guide.

Volunteer Job Description

Title: Volunteer Lawyer      Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday,  6:00 PM–9:00 PM approx.

Duties: Volunteer lawyers are expected to attend on their rostered night.  The Centre’s clients depend on the services provided by volunteers. Volunteer lawyers must have read, and understood the Professional Indemnity Insurance Risk Management Guide before attending their first session.

Provide clients with quality advice services

  • ensure conflict search is conducted (by students if they are available)
  • interview clients in conjunction with students: where students are available they should take all initial instructions
  • confer with students about advice to be provided and other lawyers where necessary
  • provide advice which is accurate and clear
  • work together with interpreters to ensure clients understand the advice given and that the advice is given in a culturally appropriate way
  • discuss with advice night supervisor any matters to be referred for ongoing assistance

Provide a stimulating learning experience for students

  • assist in identifying conflicts of interest
  • discuss the advice and any ethical issues which arise in giving the advice with law students.  Discussion should take place both before and after the advice is given.
  • provide feedback to students relevant to improving their skills and client issues and legal issues which arise

Ensure accurate records are kept of client attendances and advice given

  • ensure all required statistical information is recorded on Client Information Sheet
  • ensure a clear and accurate record is made of the advice provided
  • ensure clients are advised of limitation dates and these are recorded on advice sheets
  • check with supervising solicitor about updates on law or policy and procedures in the Centre, for example, casework policy
  • attend training sessions/updates as where possible


  • A current practising certificate in New South Wales;

Essential Criteria

  • A willingness to assist disadvantaged clients to gain access to the legal profession
  • A desire to provide a service to the community
  • A willingness to undergo training as and when required
  • A willingness to share your experience and expertise with others
  • A commitment to working as a team with other volunteer lawyers on the roster
  • To be an active listener and to show empathy towards clients
  • To communicate the advice clearly and sensitively
  • A commitment to attend allocated advice sessions regularly
  • Understanding of the PII Risk Management Guide

If you don’t fit Kingsford Legal Centre volunteer criteria and are still interested in volunteering at a community legal centre Community Legal Centres Volunteers is a national database of community legal centres with information about current volunteering opportunities. Information about other community legal centres in NSW can be found at Community Legal Centre NSW.

Law Student Volunteers

Due to the large number of UNSW law students who are at the centre each day we are unable to take student volunteers.