KLC's impact in 2016

Graphic- 71% of our clients have low or no income Graphic- 1540 advices delivered in 2016 Graphic- 42% of cases were for clients with a disability

Larissa's Story

Our client, Larissa was employed as a Team Leader in a large company. Larissa was diagnosed with a heart condition and took sick leave in order to have surgery. When Larissa recovered from the surgery and got the all clear to return to work, she notified her boss, providing medical certificates from her doctor. However, her boss told Larissa she couldn’t return to work as she had had surgery. When Larissa complained, she was made redundant. Larissa came to KLC extremely distressed as she had worked for the company for over 15 years and was in financial trouble. KLC negotiated with Larissa’s former employer and successfully settled the matter with the employer agreeing to out her entitlements in full and a settlement sum of $8,000.

Phoebe's Story

Our client, Phoebe, was employed as a full-time accounts clerk in a large company. She fell pregnant a few months after starting in the role. Phoebe spoke to her Manager and requested a period of leave without pay (she was not entitled to parental leave as she did not meet the minimum 12 month employment period)  in order to have and care for her baby. The Manager agreed. When Phoebe was due to go on leave, she was dismissed. Her Manager told her the reason for dismissal was her pregnancy. KLC assisted Phoebe to lodge a complaint of pregnancy and family responsibilities discrimination.. We argued that the employer had discriminated against Phoebe in unlawfully terminating her for being pregnant. We represented Phoebe at conciliation and settled the matter for $10, 000, a statement of service and an apology. 

graphic- 59% of advices were delivered to people born outside Aus graphic- employment discrimination tenancy top issues facing our clients in 2016