Aims & Objectives

Kingsford Legal Centre's Values

The following values underpin all of Kingsford Legal Centre's work:

  • The value of clinical legal education as a means of educating law & justice students. We will provide a positive learning environment for students, encouraging them to gain first hand experience of delivering legal services in a community setting.
  • Providing the best quality service to our clients whilst encouraging them to do as much as they can in regard to their legal problems. We aim to empower our clients rather than adopt a paternalistic approach to advice and casework.
  • Undertaking law reform work and advocating for the development of a fair and non-discriminatory legal justice system.
  • Working with other relevant organisations, including the legal profession to provide a broader range and better quality of services to the community
  • Self determination, respect and privacy with regards to service provision.
  • We recognise that many people are unable to gain access to justice due to discrimination and poverty. We are committed to providing legal services to people who would otherwise be unable to gain access to justice.
  • Providing equal access to justice for everyone in our target community. We recognise that a positive, practical approach to access and equity issues is needed if the Centre is to fulfil its commitment to equality of opportunity. We actively encourage an access and equity approach to all aspects of our organisation including service delivery, communications, physical environment and human resources.
  • Team based decision-making. We value the commitment and experience students, staff and volunteers bring to the Centre. We encourage positive criticism and ideas generated by all members of the Centre and our local community.


Kingsford Legal Centre's Aims & Objectives

  1. To educate tomorrow's lawyers by:
    • giving students an opportunity in a clinical supervised setting to work for disadvantaged clients;
    • developing student understanding of how the legal system works, and its impact upon disadvantaged clients;
    • providing students with an opportunity to reflect upon social justice issues, the legal system and the role of lawyers within it including the values and objectives underpinning the work of community legal centres; and
    • assisting students to understand the integral role that systemic advocacy and community legal education play in legal service provision.
  2. To improve access to justice for residents of the Botany Bay and Randwick areas by providing free legal advice and assistance including specialist employment advice.
  3. To reduce discrimination through the provision of specialist legal advice and representation on discrimination matters to residents of NSW and those who are discriminated against in NSW.
  4. To enhance people’s knowledge of, and access to appropriate legal services through the dissemination of information and by making and receiving referrals
  5. To promote access and equity in all areas of the organisation including service delivery, legal education, community education and policy work.
  6. To ensure Kingsford Legal Centre is respectful of Indigenous cultures and people.
  7. To improve the community’s knowledge of the legal system and the capacity for people to enforce their legal rights, by delivering community legal education.
  8. To undertake systemic advocacy, including law reform, and to represent the interests of clients and the local community on social policy and administration of justice issues.
  9. To create partnerships with other community organisations on legal issues.
  10. To maintain an efficient infrastructure for the Centre to provide support for staff, volunteers and students and outcomes for clients.

Kingsford Legal Centre acknowledges the Gadigal and Bidjigal Clans, who traditionally occupied the Sydney Coast.
We respect those Elders, past and present, and thank them for allowing us to work and study on their lands

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