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Kingsford Legal Centre runs specialist employment law advice clinics. We offer both daytime and evening employment law appointments. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused problems for people at work through losing their job, having to work from home or having their work or hours changed.  If you have been dismissed, are having problems at work, or are not sure if what your employer is asking you to do is correct, you can contact us to see if we are able to give you advice.  Two of the main ways people's work has changed is by being 'stood down' or being unsure about government assistance.  This page has links to two fact sheets about these issues and a video about worker's rights.

Fact Sheets and Videos

JobKeeper Payment:

The JobKeeper payment was a scheme to support businesses significantly affected by COVID-19.  The JobKeeper Scheme ended on 28 March 2021.


Employment Rights & COVID-19


Kingsford Legal Centre gives advice to people about problems they are having with their landlords or real estate agents. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed peoples’ circumstances, whether through unexpectedly losing their job, having a reduced income or not being able to move into the accommodation that they had signed a lease for. If you are having issues with your landlord or you have questions about your lease or tenancy rights, you can contact us to see if we are able to give you advice about your tenancy problem. This page gives information about tenancy law during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fact Sheets and Videos

On the 14 July 2021, the NSW Government introduced a new 60-day eviction ban for some tenants. The 'July 2021 Moratorium' will end on the 11 September 2021. During this time landlords are prevented from serving a notice of termination or making an application to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for rent arrears if the tenant is an 'impacted tenant', the tenant has provided notice to the landlord they are an impacted tenant and the tenant continues to pay at least 25% of the weekly rent.

The video below explains the law during the previous Eviction Moratorium Period which began in April 2020 ended on 26 March 2021.

  • The Tenant’s Union
    • The Tenants Union of NSW webpage has up to date information on tenancy and COVID-19 (on website says COVID-10).
  • Fair Trading
    • Fair Trading NSW’s webpage has updated information and resources for tenants, landlords and agents.

Tenancy and Covid-19

The Tenants Union of NSW webpage  has up to date information on tenancy and COVID-10 in their Renters Guide to COVID-19, available in 7 community languages

Fair Trading NSW’s webpage HAS updated information and resources for tenants, landlords and agents


Kingsford Legal Centre specialises in discrimination law. We give advice on most discrimination law problems to residents of New South Wales.  We can give advice if you think that you have been treated unfairly because of protected attributes such as your race, disability, age, sex or carers responsibilities. This includes advice in sexual harassment matters. If you feel you have suffered unlawful discrimination you can contact us to see if we are able to give you advice about what has happened to you.  This page gives information about discrimination law during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fact Sheets

Disability Discrimination and COVID-19

Race Discrimination and COVID-19

Masks and COVID-19

Kingsford Legal Centre provides free and confidential legal advice in areas relating to domestic violence, such as discrimination, victims support, Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders and family law advice.  We can also give you referrals to other services that may help you.  You can contact us to see if we can give you legal advice about the issues you are facing.  This page gives information about domestic violence laws during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fact Sheets and Videos

Legal Aid Commision NSW has fact sheets about COVID-19 and Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders

Kingsford Legal Centre provides limited advice about Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship, wills and other important legal documents.  Due to the government measures in response to the COVID-19, some of the laws about witnessing documents have changed.  We do not provide a service to witness documents.  If you need to sign documents and you are not sure how to do that due to COVID-19, you can find information about this here. You can also contact us to see if we can give you an appointment to give you advice about your situation.

Fact Sheets and Videos

Temporary Changes to Electronic Witnessing of Documents Factsheet



In response to COVID-19, public health laws have been put in place which give the police new powers. These include the power to issue new on-the-spot fines if you breach public health laws.  If you need advice about fines that you have received, you can contact us to see if we can give you an appointment about this.  This page gives information about police powers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fact Sheets and Videos

Redfern Legal Centre's Factsheet No. 8  On the Spot Fines COVID-19 – Your review rights and payment

Redfern Legal Centre's Factsheet No.11 - Quick Tips - Police Powers & Your Rights

Redfern Legal Centre’s Factsheet No 7 - Lockdown laws: NSW COVID-19 rules and Police Powers in Greater Sydney (revised 20 July 2021)

Due to government restrictions on travel and gatherings, many people have had to change their plans or cancel services, or have had these things cancelled for them.  If you need advice about problems that you have had with goods and services, you can contact us to see if we can give you advice. 

Consumer rights and complaints

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has a webpage offering advice and guidance to consumers on their rights in relation to cancellations caused by COVID-19 restrictions including on topics such as travel, events, telecommunications and gym memberships. For more information, go the the  ACCC’s website:

End of loan deferrals

In response to COVID-19, lenders offered consumers the ability to defer repayments on their mortgage for a period of up to 6-months. A significant portion of these repayment deferrals will be expiring over coming months. Lenders are expected to have processes in place that will deliver consumers appropriate and fair outcomes.

If you are unhappy with the actions of your lender, and complaints to them are fruitless, you can make a complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).  AFCA is a free and independent service to help you reach an agreement with your lender and its decisions are legally binding on them.  It has set up a coronavirus pandemic hotline (1800 337 444).  For more information about issues with lenders and other consumer and debt issues, go to AFCA’s website:-

Early release of superannuation

Applications to access early release of superannuation ended 31 December 2020

Temporary debt relief

These measures ended on 1 January 2021


If you have been financially impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19), you may be eligible to receive financial assistance - for more information, go to the Services Australia website:

JobSeeker Payment and changes to it

The JobSeeker payment provides financial help if you’re between 22 and Age Pension age and looking for work.

From  31 March 2021 a number of changes were made to JobSeeker. For more information about the changes, see the following web resources:

Welfare Rights also has produced this video on mutual obligation.  This video was produced in August 2020. There is some more up to date written information on the Welfare Rights Centre’s webpage 

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