Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2017 at KLC

Happy NAIDOC Week from Kingsford Legal Centre!  This week 2nd July – 9th July, all Australians can come together across Australia to celebrate and show their support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.  This year’s theme is “Our Languages Matter”.  Language and maintaining language is significant for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as it provides a sense of cultural identity; a belonging and connectedness to who people are and where they come from.  NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, contributions, the culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.  It’s a time for all Australians to come together and join in with the World’s oldest continuous living cultures

At this time of the year, UNSW also hosts its annual Winter School program.  where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander High School students attend UNSW and visit the various Faculties to learn about what UNSW can offer potential future students.  During their visit, the students attend Kingsford Legal Centre to find out about the work we do and how we are involved in our local community

Winter School Students at KLC

On Monday 3rd of July, UNSW held a flag raising ceremony to celebrate, recognise and acknowledge the invaluable contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have made not only at UNSW, but to Australian society in general.  


image credit: Leilah Schubert

To find out more about what’s going on in your local community, check out the NAIDOC website.  It’s an opportunity for all Australians to get out there and join in on the festivities and community events around the country.  Remember, this doesn’t only have to happen during NAIDOC Week or Reconciliation Week; make a start by building relationships with your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in your own small way, every week!