Studying at KLC

Clinical legal education offers you the chance to learn law while practising it.  You are supervised by experienced solicitors and see the law through your clients’ eyes. This kind of learning gives you:

  • experience in actual practice of law and policy for clients;
  • a chance to examine the interaction of legal analysis and human behaviour including interpersonal dynamics and communication;
  • an opportunity to learn while doing, then reflecting;
  • professional skills;
  • insight into the functioning of the legal system and its capacities and limitations; and,
  • exposure to the demands, constraints and methods of analysing unstructured situations in which the issues have not been pre-identified.

Kingsford Legal Centre is an award winning community legal centre which helps people who live in our local community.  KLC not only provides advice and casework to our clients but also does community legal education and law reform submissions on issues that affect disadvantaged community members.  Students who do our community law courses participate in every aspect of the service.

KLC Students 2022

Kingsford Legal Centre acknowledges the Gadigal and Bidjigal Clans, who traditionally occupied the Sydney Coast.
We respect those Elders, past and present, and thank them for allowing us to work and study on their lands

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